QSIOGA 75-80 Meeting 28/04/2013

Facilitator: Tola Peters Akinola

Venue: Busola Awosika Faseun

Laitan Jegede Eseigbe Yemi Odutola

Laitan Jegede Eseigbe
Yemi Odutola

Timekeeper: Tola Peters Akinola Date: 28/04/2013
Scribe: Toro Kanmodi Akinseye
To Support our Alma Mater
To Support one another (networking and bonding)

Laitan Jegede Eseigbe, Ayotunde Ogunranti Adeusi, Tokunbo Ijose Fagbemi, Nike Olanihun, Yinka Oladiji Adefope, Bimbo Oyetunde Dada, Dele Akinola Osibo
Oyeronke Oyetunde, Busola Awosika Fasehun, Yemi Odutola, Bunmi Ajibade Akingba, Kehinde Anidugbe Adun, Tola Peters Akinola, Toro Kanmodi Akinseye

Please read: Computer Project Plan (breakdown of plan)

1, Opening Prayer said by Ayotunde Ogunranti Adeusi
2, Next Steps read by Toro Kanmodi Akinseye
3, Ballpack figure and breakdown of infrastructure for computer project plan explained by Dele Akinola Osibo
4, Oyeronke Oyetunde suggested that roll out of 20 computers can be done in phases
5, Dele Akinola Osibo to Clarify if N135,000.00 allocated to ISP (Internet service provider) is for one year or a quarter.
6, Tokunbo Ijose Fagbemi suggested that a generator and UPS should be provided for the computer centre otherwise equipment will breakdown
The challenge around this would be how to buy diesel and maintain a 16 to 20 kva for a school that cannot pay its power bills
7, Toro Kanmodi Akinseye suggested we break the project into milestones in view of the fact that we have been on it for some time.
8, Tola Peters Akinola said we can afford to start the project minus the computers
9, Ayotunde Ogunranti Adeusi moved the motion that we start ASAP
10, The following set members pledged to pay N82,000 for one computer each: Ayotunde Ogunranti Adeusi
Laitan Jegede Eseigbe, Tokunbo Ijose Fagbemi, Nike Olanihun, Bimbo Oyetunde Dada,
Oyeronke Oyetunde, Busola Awosika Fasehun, Yemi Odutola, Bunmi Ajibade Akingba, Tola Peters Akinola
11,It was suggested that members at home and abroad should be given the opportunity to buy a computer each if they please.
12, It was also said that Ibilola Onadeko Amao wanted to contribute some computers. Dele Akinola Osibo said these can be upgraded
or serve as standalone extras
13,Tola Peters Akinola said N125,000.00 which was a one off payment from 2010 still needs to be paid by those who had not paid.
14,Tola Peters Akinola also suggested that we send a letter to spouses and friends to raise more money to complete the project we
all agreed with this
15, Deadline for computer pledges of N82,000 is end of May
16, Bunmi Ajibade Akingba suggested we look at insuring the equipment
17,Tola Peters Akinola to call Principal to let her know we are going ahead with the project
18, Next Meeting 6th of Sept 2013

1. Kehinde Anidugbe Adun suggested that we need to have our minutes ASAP
2. She also suggested that the team is properly structured we agreed to officially do this after we bed the project.
3. She also suggested we see the statement of our accounts.
4. Dele Akinola Osibo brought up the issue of the son our late classmate Ayotunde Ariyo and we all agreed to give a token grant
of N50,000 a year payable in two instalments of N25,000 per semester.

Closing Prayer: Laitan Jegede Eseigbe
Appreciation : Tokunbo Ijose Fagbemi


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