Our Mission: To Support our Alma Mater to support one another

The girls of the 75-80 set enjoyed the best education our 15 year old country Nigeria  could offer. Our education was comparable to any English public or grammar school at the time. The dream of one our founding fathers Obafemi Awolowo was to educate the girl child to take up positions of worth in the society.

Sadly today our school is not doing as well as it should be doing this makes us eager to give back even a little.

Brief historical facts:

Queens School Ede/Ibadan was founded in 1952 to honour Queen Elizabeth IIs ascension to the throne after her fathers death. It was and still is an elite government girls secondary school. The first students were taken from Queens College Lagos. It was initially made up of 4 classes (forms 2-5) and four teachers, the principal, Ms E. Hobson, K.S. Gordon, Ms. I.V. Hodgson and Princess Tejumade Aderemi. Eleven other teachers and form one joined shortly after. The school was located on the outskirts of Ede, Western Nigeria in a beautiful environment of trees and flowers and was formally opened in 1954. The names of the houses were derived from trees surrounding the dormitories. Baobab House (Red), Casuarina House (Yellow) and Palm House (green).

Due to staff shortages, as many of the teachers had families in Ibadan and found it increasingly difficult to be separated and the political climate in Nigeria at the time, the school was relocated to Ibadan, also in the western Nigeria in 1967. The school was initially located on two sites; forms 1-4 were based at Moor Plantation while Forms 5 and sixth form were at Oke-Bola near NTC. In 1969 the girls at Oke-Bola finally moved to Moor Plantation following the completion of the 6th form block popularly known as the HSC block.


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