QSIOGA 75-80 Second Meeting 07/02/2010


ATTENDANCE                                                                         APOLOGIES

  1. Omotola Akinola (Peters)                                           1. Toyin Sanni (Adeboye)
  2. Sola Popoola (Esan)                                                    2. Titi Adekoje (Babalola)
  3. Funke Opayemi (Byron)                                              3. Bunmi Akingba (Ajibade)
  4. Ete Ambah (Tuoyo)                                                     4. Lola Amao (Onadeko)
  5. Oyeronke Oyetunde                                                    5. Seyi Sanjo-Bankole (Lawale)
  6. Abimbola Dada (Oyetunde)
  7. Adeyinka Adefope (Oladiji)
  8. Tokunbo Fagbemi (Ijose)
  9. Abisola Longe (Adelekan)
  10. Funke Ojuri (Adegoke)
  1. 1.      COMMENCEMENT

The formal part of the meeting started at 3.50pm. Prior to this, members ate lunch.  Opening Prayer was said by Sola Popoola (Esan).

  1. 2.      INTRODUCTION

Funke Ojuri (Adegoke) as the member attending for the first time, introduced herself stating marital status, her husband’s name, number of children, children’s names, what the children are presently doing and where, present occupation/profession, place of work etc.

  1. 3.      ELECTION

Majority of members don’t want elections to hold now stating that there was no need for that as the main objective of the group for now is to do a Project for the 30th Anniversary.

  1. 4.      30th ANNIVERSARY PROJECT(S)

All the contributions made by distant members by email/telephone calls were considered in addition to contributions by the members at the Meeting and after much deliberation, it was agreed as follows:

  1. Our Vision – To restore QSI to its past glory.
  2. To achieve our Vision, our Mission will be in two phases – long term and short term.
  3. Short Term:
    1. To provide water supply to the Hostel being presently occupied by the Boarders and to the Toilets in the School area.

To put this into effect, Bimbola Dada (Oyetunde) will mandate a Plumber who does similar Projects for NEPA, to go to the School to assess what will be needed for this purpose. He will assess the existing structure and tell us if what’s on ground can be revamped or we’ll need to do put a completely new water system in place.

Funke Opayemi (Byron) (came in late) also offered to get her brother who is in construction and lives in Ibadan, to visit the school for a similar assessment and give us a feasibility report.

Members agreed that depending on the Report we get back, we’ll know if there is a need to change the toilets as well.

  1. To supply the School with Computers & internet network connection.

We will take advantage of Lola Amao’s (Onadeko) offer of fairly used Pentium 5 Computers. This will be loaded with the usual Microsoft packages and members also insisted that Encata should be included.

Regarding Internet, MTN apparently has an Internet project called ‘Schools Connect’ that they install in Schools. For QSI to take benefit from this, Oyeronke Oyetunde advised that the Oyo State Ministry of Education will have to write to MTN to request for ‘Schools Connect’ to be installed in the school. Oyeronke promised that once this is done, she will follow up at MTN since she works there. Ete Ambah (Tuoyo) also offered to follow it up using connections she has at MTN.

  1. Hiring of Teachers.

The house agreed that we can’t afford to hire the kind of good Teachers for Maths and English suggested by the Principal. This is because we will need to pay such good Teachers about N50,000 per month.  Yinka Adefope (Oladiji) and others agreed that NYSC Teachers will be a good substitute. Members then agreed that we should urge NYSC office, through Bunmi Olubowale (a set above us in QSI) who works with NYSC, to ensure that a good number of Teachers are posted to QSI. We should insist that such Teachers must have Education degrees in the subjects they are going to teach especially Maths & English. Yinka Adefope was mandated to contact Bunmi Olubowale.

  1. Members also discussed the need to mentor the girls at length. Bisola Longe (Adelekan) offered to be involved with this.  This will be discussed further at the next Meeting.

Funding for the Project was discussed and suggestions were that we’ll probably levy every member a certain amount and each individual will then decide how to raise the money. The idea of a fund raising dinner/event was raised but was not encouraged as this usually involves spending a lot of money first which may not be recouped.


It was agreed that we don’t necessarily have to hand over the Project in June. We could look at sometime in September for this. Reason for this is that it will probably be more practical for the workers (for the Project) to work while the school is on summer vacation.  This is not a firm decision however as it will depend to a large extent on what’s actually involved in the Project and how soon we can mobilize  funds for this.

  1. 6.      FINANCE

Until we can open an account in the name of the Association, it was agreed that Omotola Akinola (Peters) will dedicate one of her accounts for the collection of dues. She will also open a domiciliary account in Pounds and Dollars for the purpose of collecting dues and levies from those abroad.

The following members paid their dues:

  1. Bimbola Dada (Oyetunde)            –           N20,000
  2. Bunmi Olayisade (Ebofin)             –           N25,000  (paid as 100GBP)
  3. Bunmi Akingba (Ajibade)              –           N20,000
  4. Sola Popoola (Esan)                      –           N20,000
  5. Bisola Longe (Adelekan)               –           N20,000
  6. Ete Ambah (Tuoyo)                       –           N20,000
  7. Tokunbo Fagbemi (Ijose)              –           N20,000
  8. Yinka Adefope (Oladiji)                 –           N20,000
  9. Omotola Akinola                           –           N20,000
  10.  Funke Opayemi (Byron)               –           N20,000
  11. Funke Ojuri (Adegoke)                  –           $160.

Yinka Adefope (Oladiji) gave the vote of thanks to Chief Gbola and Mrs Omotola Akinola on behalf of the members, for the sumptuous lunch provided.

  1. 8.      CLOSING

The Formal Meeting came to a close at 5.45pm.


Omotola Akinola (Peters)



QSIOGA 75-80 Inaugural meeting 13/12/2009




  1. Chief (Mrs) Omotola Akinola (Peters)
  2. Mrs Sola Popoola (Esan)
  3. Mrs Taiwo Ogunsanya (Anidugbe)
  4. Mrs Kehinde Adun (Anidugbe)
  5. Mrs Funke Opayemi (Byron)
  6. Mrs Ete Ambah (Tuoyo)
  7. Mrs Bunmi Akingba (Ajibade)
  8. Ms Oyeronke Oyetunde
  9. Dr (Mrs) Ibilola Amao (Onadeko)
  10. Mrs Abimbola Dada (Oyetunde)
  11. Mrs Adeyinka Adefope (Oladiji)
  12. Chief Dr (Mrs) Busola Fasehun (Awosika)
  13. Mrs Tokunbo Fagbemi (Ijose)
  14. Mrs Abisola Longe (Adelekan)
  1. 1.      COMMENCEMENT

The formal part of the meeting started at 4.45pm. Prior to this, members ate lunch and reminisced on the good old days in QSI.  Opening Prayer was said by Lola Amao (Onadeko). The School song, Pass on the Torch, was rendered by all.

  1. 2.      INTRODUCTION

Everyone introduced themselves individually stating marital status, husband’s name, number of children, children’s names, what the children are presently doing and where, present occupation/profession, place of work etc. This part of the Meeting elicited a lot of interesting and teasing comments.


It was agreed that this Association was to be for the long term and not just for the 30th anniversary. The main purpose of coming together at this time is to plan what to do for Queens School next year to mark our 30th anniversary. Beyond this however, we would keep this Association going because we shall also celebrate other landmark anniversaries, God willing. The purpose is also to be able to continue to help the school and for networking & social purposes.

  1. 4.      30th ANNIVERSARY PROJECT(S)

It was agreed that we should look at completing whatever Project we embark on by June 2010 as that will be the actual 30th year of leaving school. Several suggestions were made regarding Projects.  Such suggestions included renovation of classroom block(s) or other part of the school, building of new toilet(s) with borehole, development of young girls, granting of scholarships etc.

It was agreed by all that there was a need to do an ‘on the spot’ assessment of the school before we decide on what Project to undertake. To this end, it was agreed that members resident in Ibadan should pay a visit to the school this week for the purpose of getting the name of the Principal, the necessary telephone numbers and possibly fixing an appointment with the Principal for a Meeting with her in January. Several members volunteered to be on the Team to meet with the Principal sometime in the second or third week of January. Discussion at this Meeting will centre on the needs of the School.

Funding for the Project to be undertaken will be by special levy on members, support from husbands and other means yet to be explored.

  1. 5.      MEETING DATES

It was agreed that for the first year (2010), we would meet once in six weeks because of the 30th Anniversary Project. After this is completed, Meetings will be once every quarter.  The next few Meetings have been fixed tentatively as follows:

7th February, 2010 – to be hosted by Tola Akinola (Peters)

14th March, 2010 – to be hosted by Sola Popoola (Esan)

25th April, 2010 – to be hosted by Oyeronke Oyetunde

6th June, 2010 – go be hosted by the Anidugbe twins.

It was agreed that a lot of communication will be done by email between these Meetings.


It was agreed that we would start this Association on a firm footing. To this end, a Constitution must be drawn up; the Association will be registered; an Executive Committee will be elected and a bank account will be opened.  A draft Constitution will be circulated by Tola Akinola soon.

  1. 7.      ANNUAL DUES

After much debate on higher and lower dues, it was agreed that from 2010, annual dues will be N20,000 per annum (Nigeria residents) or 100GBP (UK residents) or

US$150 (US residents).  This should be paid in a maximum of 2 instalments. A good start to this was made by Bimbo Dada (Oyetunde) who paid her dues fully for 2010.

Kitchen Cabinet


Elections will be held at the next meeting on the 7th of February, 2010. Elective positions will be sent out by Tola Akinola before then.

  1. 9.      QSI Old Girls Association – Global Reunion, Atlanta 2010

Members agreed that it will be more interesting for us all if a good number of our class set are present at this event.


Taiwo Ogunsanya (Anidugbe), on behalf of the members, thanked Mr Tunde and Mrs Tokunbo Fagbemi for hosting the Meeting in their house and for the sumptuous lunch provided.

  1. 11.  CLOSING

The Meeting came to a close at 6.45pm.


Mrs Tola Akinola (Peters)


QSIOGA 75-80 Meeting 28/04/2013

Facilitator: Tola Peters Akinola

Venue: Busola Awosika Faseun

Laitan Jegede Eseigbe Yemi Odutola

Laitan Jegede Eseigbe
Yemi Odutola

Timekeeper: Tola Peters Akinola Date: 28/04/2013
Scribe: Toro Kanmodi Akinseye
To Support our Alma Mater
To Support one another (networking and bonding)

Laitan Jegede Eseigbe, Ayotunde Ogunranti Adeusi, Tokunbo Ijose Fagbemi, Nike Olanihun, Yinka Oladiji Adefope, Bimbo Oyetunde Dada, Dele Akinola Osibo
Oyeronke Oyetunde, Busola Awosika Fasehun, Yemi Odutola, Bunmi Ajibade Akingba, Kehinde Anidugbe Adun, Tola Peters Akinola, Toro Kanmodi Akinseye

Please read: Computer Project Plan (breakdown of plan)

1, Opening Prayer said by Ayotunde Ogunranti Adeusi
2, Next Steps read by Toro Kanmodi Akinseye
3, Ballpack figure and breakdown of infrastructure for computer project plan explained by Dele Akinola Osibo
4, Oyeronke Oyetunde suggested that roll out of 20 computers can be done in phases
5, Dele Akinola Osibo to Clarify if N135,000.00 allocated to ISP (Internet service provider) is for one year or a quarter.
6, Tokunbo Ijose Fagbemi suggested that a generator and UPS should be provided for the computer centre otherwise equipment will breakdown
The challenge around this would be how to buy diesel and maintain a 16 to 20 kva for a school that cannot pay its power bills
7, Toro Kanmodi Akinseye suggested we break the project into milestones in view of the fact that we have been on it for some time.
8, Tola Peters Akinola said we can afford to start the project minus the computers
9, Ayotunde Ogunranti Adeusi moved the motion that we start ASAP
10, The following set members pledged to pay N82,000 for one computer each: Ayotunde Ogunranti Adeusi
Laitan Jegede Eseigbe, Tokunbo Ijose Fagbemi, Nike Olanihun, Bimbo Oyetunde Dada,
Oyeronke Oyetunde, Busola Awosika Fasehun, Yemi Odutola, Bunmi Ajibade Akingba, Tola Peters Akinola
11,It was suggested that members at home and abroad should be given the opportunity to buy a computer each if they please.
12, It was also said that Ibilola Onadeko Amao wanted to contribute some computers. Dele Akinola Osibo said these can be upgraded
or serve as standalone extras
13,Tola Peters Akinola said N125,000.00 which was a one off payment from 2010 still needs to be paid by those who had not paid.
14,Tola Peters Akinola also suggested that we send a letter to spouses and friends to raise more money to complete the project we
all agreed with this
15, Deadline for computer pledges of N82,000 is end of May
16, Bunmi Ajibade Akingba suggested we look at insuring the equipment
17,Tola Peters Akinola to call Principal to let her know we are going ahead with the project
18, Next Meeting 6th of Sept 2013

1. Kehinde Anidugbe Adun suggested that we need to have our minutes ASAP
2. She also suggested that the team is properly structured we agreed to officially do this after we bed the project.
3. She also suggested we see the statement of our accounts.
4. Dele Akinola Osibo brought up the issue of the son our late classmate Ayotunde Ariyo and we all agreed to give a token grant
of N50,000 a year payable in two instalments of N25,000 per semester.

Closing Prayer: Laitan Jegede Eseigbe
Appreciation : Tokunbo Ijose Fagbemi

QSIOGA 75-80 Meeting 16/09/2012

QSIOGA 75 – 80 Meeting
Date 16/09/2012
Hostess Dele Osibo
Attendees Yinka Oladiji Adefope, Bunmi Ajibade Akingba, Toyin Adeboye Sanni, Sola Esan Popoola, Tola Peters Akinola, Bisola Adelekan Longe, Toro Kanmodi Akinseye

To Support our Alma Mater
To Support one another (networking and bonding)

Minutes and Next Steps

Project Suggestions: Computer Project (School needs accreditation) Computer Room
School Bus
Tuck Shop

1. It was decided that the most pertinent project would be the computer project as the principal said the school needs accreditation.
However members at the meeting thought it a bit strange that the ministry of education would want to accredit what they
have not provided, to this end Tola Akinola was mandated to clarify from the headteacher what the ministry had provided in view of
the forthcoming accreditation.

2. Once the clarification is complete, a fact finding mission would go to the school the suggested members are Dele Osibo, Lola Amao and Yinka Adefope
a team of IT and educational analysts to determine the requirements and total end to end deliverables which will include maintenance.

3. It was also decided that our donation should be branded with our set name
4. Communication should go out to the wider team to give others the opportunity to contribute to the project
5. Seek MTN corporate social responsibility (CSR) if there is anything they can help us with as our colleague
Ronke Oyetunde works there.
6. Quaterly Meeting Dates decided
Jan 20th 2013
April 28th 2013
July 28th 2013
October 27th 2013

7. Appreciation to our lovely hostess Bamidele

8. Closing Prayer